Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Styling Activity: Streetstyle

Last June 20,2015 we were asked to shoot 30 random people in the mall that we think looks stylish and edgy. The first thing that came to my mind was "how the hell am I supposed to have a photo of them?" Because I am actually shy when it comes to interacting with random people. We only got 3 hours to do that activity so we were in a bit of a rush. At the first hour I only shot less than 10 people because I was finding the right timing to approach the person because I was afraid of rejection but then I remembered what my prof said, "There are times talaga na marereject kayo and talagang ganun lang ang life. Kung ma-reject, then okay lang. Hayaan na lang then move forward sa iba". Yes, medyo hugot but she's right. There will be a lot of rejections especially in our industry but it teaches us to be thick-skinned and learn how to handle those rejections. In this activity, I have been rejected twice. Yep, not once but twice. After those rejections, I gained more confidence and courage in myself. I was able to approach more people and communicate with them better. After 3 hours, we were able to shot 30 people successfully.

Below are the people I found stylish and edgy that day:

So this is the first person I approached and she was so kind to pose for me for a second. Also, she's the lady which all my classmates and I had a shot of. She was just so stylish! Don't you agree?

She's rockin' that crop top with that denim and black shoes. What a perfect combination!

This lady was with her boyfriend when I noticed the pattern on her clothes that's why I asked her if I could take a shot of her. And she said yes naman! Yey!

This gentleman was the second person I asked to get a shot of. He is a japanese so at first I was having a hard time explaining to him what the shot was for but thank God he agreed to let me have a shot of his outfit.

My typical guy outfit look! I know he's wearing comfortable clothes and yet looks good on him.
Not much accessories needed, just good fitting clothes.

How can you not like this father-daughter duo? So cuuute!

When I approached the mother of this girl, she instantly agreed and let her daughter pose for me. Isn't she stylish especially with that polka dots hat? She's just so adoraaaable!

I saw this guy at Forever21 playing with his gadget and asked him if I could take a shot of his outfit and he instantly stood up and posed. He didn't smile at me though but what the heck, with that bandana on his forehead, I was like "hey, she's dating the gangster" ang peg!

Employees at Forever21, Makati are so kind and so "kalog". They let us shoot their co-workers even for a short period of time.  This lady was one of them. Well, all of them were stylish but me and one my classmates decided to divide who's gonna shoot who.

This guy was the stylist at Forever21, Makati. So stylish and kind enough to have their photo taken.

This girl was shopping inside Forever21, Makati and when I saw her I liked her top and boots so I just have to have a shot of her! Haha.

These divas were taking photos at SM Makati and when I saw them I was thinking that this will be one of my friendship goals in the future. Aren't they stylish? :)

And because I have a father-daughter tandem, I had to have a mother-son tandem also. Love this!

My encounter with this 2 ladies were a bit funny. When I pat their shoulder, there were so surprised. I explained why I would like to take a photo of them and they said "Kagulat ka naman, Ate. Kakanood lang kasi namin ng Insidious. Haha." So that's why they looked so scared.

This guy was kind enough to put his stuff and pose for me. He was holding some grocery kasi and he asked me if I wanted him to put it down. Kind guy!

Will you believe me that this woman here is already a mom? Yes! So stylish! Mom goals. Hihi.

Funny guy making her girlfriend jealous by whispering to her "Cute niya 'no?" while I take the shot. Kuya talaga, nambola pa. Hahaha. LOL.

This girl was one of those who rejected me but when I saw her again I just have to really take a shot of her. When I said "please please please.." she then agreed. Yay!

And of course, me! Hahaha. But I am not part of the 30 random people of course. I just wanted to have an OOTD shot. Thanks to Geni Catindig for this shot. Also to Ate Vanessa Baldesco for the denim top. Arbor na 'yan! Hihi.

And to end our activity, of course we needed a group shot at Manam, Greenbelt.

Theme for that class was denim on denim so here you go! :)

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