Friday, January 31, 2014

Oh hello there, Homer Simpson!


This was shot last October 2013, during my birthday. I wore this dress for that special occasion. I thought it will be kind of cute if I dressed as like I was just thirteen. But yep, I'm on my twentieth year already and I'm somewhat feeling the pressure of having to be more responsible. I thank God for giving me another year to be better, to be with my family and friends and of course, to glorify Him. 

My Dad, Ruel, shot this photos when we visited the grave of my fraternal grandmother because she died before my birthday way back 2004. It was sad but we have to move on and accept that we have lost her. But anyway, about this outfit don't you just love how I look so young? Young as a twelve to thirteen years old. Hahaha!

Accessorize Headband | Guess Watch | Century Flats | Landmark Dress | Isabella Nail Salon Nails

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