Thursday, January 26, 2017

WORKSHOP EXPERIENCE: Abbey Sy's Basic Hand Lettering Workshop

I really admired Abbey's work because of her unique style and intricate designs. So when I found out that she will be having a workshop in Alabang, I signed up immediately! I joined not just because I wanted to meet her, but I also want to learn her workflow.

The workshop was held in Fully Booked, Alabang last April 18, 2015; 1-4pm for Php 2,500. (I think she recently increased the workshop fee to Php 2,700) The fee already consists of the workshop materials and snacks. 

I wasn't able to take much pictures from this workshop because the workshop that time started a bit late because the place wasn't completely set up yet by Fully Booked, but I appreciate Abbey's effort for still doing her best to teach us with the limited time that we had. 

I don't have a picture of the place but here's a photo of my view...

Once the venue was properly set up already, Abbey introduced herself and her assistant that day, then we each introduced ourselves. It was nice to be seated near someone from my College so I didn't had a hard time finding someone to talk to. Yay!

She first discussed some often-misunderstood terminologies of Type and the materials for mass creation (most of which she uses). Then she made us do a drill for us to understand the differences between font styles. I used the word "stressed" because that's what I'm feeling the entire week and I couldn't express it more than through writing. (Pardon my output, we were under time pressure huhu)

She also shared her process and some tips on making a hand-lettered artwork. For our final output, we are tasked to use quote to make hand-lettered artwork and to help us with that, she passed around some reference books for inspiration. I liked the book by Austin Kleon, "Steal Like an Artist", which is why I used a quote from that book for my final output. Despite of the time pressure, I was still able to finish it on time, yay! 

Class picture! You'll notice that I hid myself because you know... hahaha! Hello to the tall girl who was my workshop buddy that day! (Sorry I forgot her name huhu)

Selfie with da senpai! <3

Thank you so much Abbey for sharing with us your knowledge and for being so accommodating! 

For more workshops from Abbey, go see her website:

or her Instagram:

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