Friday, August 14, 2015

Workshop Review: JJ and Ava Basic Calligraphy Workshop

I’ve been asking my sister if she could recommend some modern calligraphy workshops for me to attend since last year. I’ve seen some calligraphy videos on Instagram but I’ve never attended a proper calligraphy class. Until this year, modern calligraphy and other handwritten crafts have become so popular and classes were more conducted. I managed to register myself for a workshop by JJ and Ava which only costs 1500php so you can imagine how excited I was on that Sunday morning!

The calligraphy workshop was held at Designer Blooms Cafe at Molito, Alabang on May 17, 2015. The glorious sunlight steaming in through the windows, tunes of updated music and homely looking furnishings all around makes it such a wonderful place to just sit down and write.

The starter kit that we used at the workshop consists of pointed nibs, inks, holders and a complete module. Very basic, but just what we need to start learning the basics of calligraphy.

JJ started the session by introducing themselves, shared how they went into calligraphy and had everyone round of a self-introduction and what motivated us to come for this workshop.

Then, they taught us the basics of how to use the nib and pen holder and how it should be held. They demonstrated how we could have the ink stay on our nibs. (WARNING: This procedure may be a bit of disgusting to some.) They also informed us how to take care of the nibs. Knowing all of these tips will help you learn to be a better calligrapher.

They showed us how the basic strokes are done and correct us individually as they walked around the place. They gave us pointers on how to control our the pressure and stroked when writing.

We also had a delicious breakfast/snack while we continue to finish our modules.
Thank you Designer Blooms Cafe! :)

Before the end of the session, Kuya JJ and Ate Ava instructed us to write anything in the card they gave us and hang it in the "wall of quotes".

Here are the card layouts that my fellow classmates and I did! Can you find what I wrote?
(Hint: You can only find 2 words in it!)

Ate Lyra also dropped by the venue to help JJ and Ava judge the best work that will win freebies from CraftCentral. 

With Kuya JJ

And Ate Ava (Cute!)

And of course, our class picture for #JJandAvaWorkshops May 17 2015 Batch!
Thank you Kuya JJ and Ate Ava! Thank you also to my sister who really encouraged me to attend this workshop. It was really worth it! 

Join their next workshop on September 13, 2015!

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