Thursday, January 26, 2017

WORKSHOP EXPERIENCE: Anina Rubio's Brush x Watercolor Lettering

As I was going through my Instagram feed one day, I saw that workshops about lettering in any medium, most especially watercolor, became prominent on people's posts. I became interested and started to look for a workshop. But to my luck, most of the workshops were held in the "North" (e.g. Quezon City)

Then one fortunate day, I saw a post (I forgot where) about a brush and watercolor lettering workshop which will be held in Le Petit Cheri - Molito, Alabang by Anina Rubio on April 12, 2015; 2-5pm for Php 2,500. That time, I did not know who she was or what kind of work she does so I decided to take a look at her website and was in awe of her work, which convinced me to join her workshop. The workshop fee is just right because it already includes all the workshop materials I need, plus! a delicious dessert buffet (courtesy of Le Petit Cheri) P.S. Their food is awesome!

I was so excited because it was my first workshop ever! On the workshop day, I was one of the first participants to arrive because I was too scared to be late and miss anything. Anina was there and she greeted me with a warm smile while she was setting up the place.

She has this part of the room where she showcased her artworks for inspiration and it really did inspired me to do better work!

The workshop started with introductions and I'm surprised that a lot of mommies were present in the workshop. (To justify my reaction, I was surprised because I wasn't exposed before to the fact that mommies also use art as stress relievers.) Then Anina introduced to us the materials that we are going to use and some points on how to take care of them. 

We had drills on color mixing and some watercolor washes. Then we also had some drills using a brush pen so that we could apply it on our final output. At first, I was so close to giving up (because unfortunately, watercolor lettering needs a LOT of patience to get great results) but Anina was there to guide us and I was able to comprehend the basics little by little. 

Here's a photo of my final output, yay! I was too shy to use the entire page for my output because I was thinking that if I messed up, the entire page would be put to waste, which is why I only used 1/4 of the page. It is a really nice watercolor paper, you know! 

Class picture! Hello to the cool moms who befriended me during the workshop! :)

Before I left the venue, I couldn't miss the opportunity to have an autograph from my first workshop teacher!

Obligatory selfie :>

Thank you Anina for teaching us what you know and for being so patient with us. My first "artsy fartsy" workshop was so fun and encouraging to start my own creative journey in lettering.

For upcoming workshops, go check out her website:

or her Instagram account:

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