Monday, September 23, 2013

The Villaluna Sisters


on Rachel: Amang Julian Gown | on Rhobynne: Landmark Gown & Bolero

Okay, before I came up with this, I pressed the "delete" button for about 100 times! Hahahaha! This only proved that I still have difficulties in creating paragraphs. I hope we could make this blog work, right Ses? Anyway, to introduce ourselves I'm Apol, the one on the left in the picture, and Rhobz on the right thus, The Villaluna Sisters (TVS)!

I’m Apol, a senior Digital Arts student from iACADEMY, Makati. I am a self-proclaimed artist and designer; a graphic designer. I am currently having my internship at Campaigns and Grey Philippines which is one of the best advertising agencies in the world. A dancer of Lion King: The Musicale 2010, three-time awarded as Most Valuable Player in Volleyball (2009-2012) and performed at PICC for Pagibig's Anniversary concert were my greatest achievements as of the moment. Winning as the Junior Prom Princess 2009 and being the Best Dressed at a friend's debut were my "little" recognitions at being fashionable. I hope that I could be able to also achieve different awards/recognitions in line with my course.

To introduce my sister, this was her "bio-poem" in one of her subjects:
Crazy, funny, bubbly, friendly
Lover of sugar, spice and everything nice
Who feels blessed
Who needs food, clothes and shelter
Who loves God, my family, friends and photography
Who hates backstabbers, pretenders and arrogant people
Who fears failure, being friendzoned and forever alone
Who values her dignity, time and loved ones
Who is proud of being a child and servant of God
Who has lots of achievements but still wants to prove more
Who would like to see myself being a successful photographer in the fashion world
Who is currently taking up AB Photography at De La Salle – College of Saint Benilde
Who is determined to reach her goals and dreams by being responsible and independent.
Resident of Cavite

So why did we gave blogging a try? It’s because we wanted to share our experiences, stories, lessons learned, and of course, our bonding as sisters that might inspire other people. You could expect outfit posts, random photography shots, tips & tricks, and other interesting stuff you might wanna read about. As newbies, we'll try our best to keep this blog enjoying and refreshing to read. Suggestions and comments are very much welcomed :)

Photo by: Dominic Lee of Blessing Photography

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