Tuesday, October 1, 2013



World Youth Day 2008 Shirt | TheLandmark Belt | BESTNRE Pants | Parisian Flats | Guess watch

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Simple get up, isn't it? Wore this last week at the office. Yep, this is my "day to day" attire. A simple tee, pants and flats then I'm good to go! I wasn't supposed to have an outfit shot but because I was thinking that this wasn't good to blog but thanks to Mr. Dawn De Leon (an employer at Campaigns&Grey) I had good shots for this ootd :) 

By the way, speaking of Campaigns&Grey, I'm currently having my internship here and so far, I'm enjoying my stay here. As of now, I am their longest intern yet. Well, hoping I could be part of this ad agency that's why I am working extra hard so they could see that I am deserving to be here. 

So enough about my internship, about my outfit, I decided to pair my shirt with this red pants so it wouldn't look dull. And as you can see. I'm wearing my doll shoes socks, and it's not nice. HAHAHA! Next time I will try to hide it or better yet, just take it off. But besides that, I would say I love this outfit. Simple yet eye-catching.

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