Sunday, November 10, 2013



Amang Julian Gown (c) Alrenee Uy Rostata

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Had a mini-photoshoot for a friend's project. We shot this at Camella homes. Had so much fun doing this shoot plus of course, bonding with her. We did a lot of shots but I only chose this because I think this was cool. Hahaha! Well again, hooray for my "trying-hard-to-be-confused-look". Anyway about the gown, it was very comfortable plus for those who like to hide your chubby arms or doesn't want to show off your underarm, I advise that you choose gowns with sheers like this. Not only it adds sexiness but also you wouldn't worry about your "insecurities". And again, if you choose ball gowns I also advise that you make sure that the upper part of the gown has a good fit. I mean, it doesn't look good if you are in a ball gown and yet the fit sucks. Especially if it has no strap to support it or else your gown would fall and you would like be raising it up again and again. So yep, always consider good fittting!

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