Wednesday, January 22, 2014

A Collection of Apol's Nail-Art


Here's a collection of my nail polishes and nails arts during the year of 2012 to 2013.

"Silver Lining"
Red and Silver

"Fourth of July"
Blue, Red and White

Teal, Yellow and Purple

Orange, Dark Yellow and White

"Cloud Nine"
Blue, Violet and White

Red and White

"Independence Day"
Blue, Red, Yellow and White

Neon Pink

Light Blue and Blue

"Find the hidden Mickey"
Black and White

"Mariah Carey's: Glitter"
Shimmering Pink

"I scream for ice cream!"
Yellow, Brown, Green and Pink

"Despicabe Me's Minions"
Yellow, Blue, Black and White

"The Grinch"
Shimmering Green

Black Crackle and White

"Pastel Love"
Light Blue, Yellow, White, Pink and Lavander


"Welcome 2013"
Purple, Black and White

Aquamarine, Shimmering Tan and Orange

Green, Yellow and Pink

"Christmas 2012"
Snowflakes: Blue and White
Christmas Tree: Green, Red, White and Yellow

"Valentines Day 2013"
Light Blue, Pink and Black

"Black trails"
Black Crackle and Neon Green

Black, Red and White

Black and White

So if you ask me how do I come up with themes for my nails, well I find inspirations through the internet and what's currently happening around me. For example, the Minions nails art. I had that during the movie showing days of Despicable Me 2 and many was amazed with my nails. So if you want your nails to be noticed, don't be afraid to try new things. Instead of the just wearing black nail polish, why not partner it with some other colors? I'm not saying that you can''t paint your nails only black but I suggest you try other combinations too! It'll be fun! So, any themes you have in mind that you want me to try? Just click the link at the lower left of this post and comment, we'll be glad to here from you guys too! :)

Nails done by/at:
Aiza Sanchez
Isabella Nail Salon
Palmes Spa
Fe Capistrano

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  1. OMG, you should try out ILNP :D Which stands for I love nail polish and check out their instagram. :D


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