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The Ultimate Guide to Incoming College Students


Keep in mind that college is very different from high school. For some, college is a brand new start. A fresh start in life wherein you can become somebody who you were not in high school and actually correct those notions people thought about you in the past. The college level is actually a transition of a teenager towards adulthood. One must know where or when to act maturely or not because you are always around different people everyday. It is also the level wherein they enhance your skills and give you more knowledge regarding the specific program that you chose. You are already released into the real world wherein you will make decisions a lot and meet different people. So here are 15 tips as to how to make your college life productive, yet fun: 

1. Be sure of the program that you are going to take. 
"Make your passion, your profession." If you are forced into it, do your best to love it because you'll probably do it for the rest of your life. 

2. Be independent.
Don't be too "clingy" to your blockmates or college friends because in college, nobody's going to help you except yourself. People usually just come and go in college. 

3. Be kind and friendly. 
Being independent doesn't mean that you'll have to stop making new friends. Having connections in college can really help you a lot, you just don't know when. Try to look approachable and smile a lot, especially on your first week of classes. Yes, "week", because you'll probably have a different schedule one way or another every day. Don't be afraid to be the first one to talk to your blockmate on the first day/week. They're probably 80% as nervous as you are anyway. 

4. Be yourself. 
As much as you want to have friends or have a fresh start, that doesn't mean that you need to impress anybody. You don't have to pretend to be somebody else. The worst is, lying about who you are or what you have. People don't want to be lied to. They don't want to be treated as fools because they'll find out who you truly are eventually. 

5. Don't be influenced easily.
People from provinces might experience culture shock if ever they will be studying in a city. Don't be intimidated by them. Don't change yourself too much just to fit in and have friends. If they're good friends, they'll accept you for who you are and not for who they want you to become. You don't have to smoke or drink alcohol if you don't want to. So what if they call you a "KJ"(kill joy)? You can join their click even without the involvement of alcohol and cigarettes. If they won't accept you anymore, better look for a different set of friends. Control and discipline yourself from all the worldly pleasures and focus on your priorities/resposibilities in life. 

6. Don't be late in class.
There are professors who actually give quizzes immediately as the classes start and quizzes are very important. You don't want to get low grades just because you are always late right? There's heavy traffic always? Adjust the time you wake up and leave your house; the traffic won't adjust for you. Living far away from school isn't an excuse to be late. Sleep early so you'll wake up early. 

7. Don't settle for less.
Whatever subject it is that you're taking, whether major or minor subjects, do your best. Even minor subjects deserve to be given effort because you will also learn something from it which you might use in the future, maybe not in your line of work, but in the normal day-to-day life. Getting a passing grade is okay, but don't you think it'll be rewarding to your parents if they see you get a high grade? This is college! Anything can happen. Even if you're not an honor student in high school, that can change in college. You can become a consistent dean's lister as long as you put effort into it. 

8. Always bring a pen and yellow pad in school. 
We don't want to be labeled as a "parasite" right? You always bring a bag to school. Why not put the things that should actually be put in a school bag? A pen and a paper is already suffice because that's the usual thing that students use. I tend to be confused to students who bring their bag to school and yet ask for a pen or a paper. This isn't high school anymore people! Be responsible even to the things that you should bring to school. 

9. Always submit requirements and review for tests. 
Whatever happens, always take notes in class and review them. Whether the subject is very boring, try to at least take note a few things that the professor has said. It might be useful to you when the tests arrive. Also, always bring a notebook with you so that you'll have something to write on. Requirements are very important and it can really help in pulling your grades higher. If there are students who are at the verge of failing, some professors actually consider those students who always pass their requirements and exert an effort in their subject. 

10. Try not to waste your money on unnecessary stuff.
Your parents work very hard just to be able to give you allowance daily/weekly/monthly, so spend it wisely. If you can save money, save it. So that if there is a school requirement and you can afford paying it by yourself, don't ask to your parents anymore. 

11. Try to be active in school activities. 
It's actually fun! Join a school organization. It adds spice to your college life. Of course this applies, if you can balance academics and extra-curricular activities. But I believe that anyone can do it as long as they are dedicated to what they do. 

12. Print a LOT of ID pictures.
1x1 and 2x2 pictures will do. You will need it on your first week of classes. Print as much as you can so that you don't have to always reprint and reprint every semester. And also, index cards; Well, for some colleges or universities.

13. Choose the right friends. 
Same with tip #5, if they're good friends, they'll accept you. Your friends can help you get through college life just fine so find the right ones. Don't be with people who will pull you down and deprive you from reaching your goals. 

14. Study now, "gala" later. 
Prioritize! If there's a big test coming up and your friends decided to just party it off, choose to study. They might have different priorities, but yours should be education. If ever you get tempted by saying yes to "gala" on an exam week, think about your parents who works so hard for your education. That "gala" can wait and be postponed but your tests can't. You can party right after your exams, concentrate first on studying. Good things come to those who wait patiently and prioritize education. 

15. Let God be the center of your life. 
Praying before AND after exams work! Of course you have to pray before exams so that you'll have God's guidance to remember all the things you have studied; after exams, so that you'll get good results and if ever there was a number which you found difficult to answer, the professor might give it as a bonus. Trust God and lift everything up to Him. You'll certainly get good results; of course if you studied well. Whenever you experience difficult times in life, kneel down and pray. Also, don't forget to thank God whenever you get good grades in school. He helped you through it for sure. 

With all of these tips, you'll be able to get through college productively. Also, don't forget to enjoy life and don't take it too seriously. :) 

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