Thursday, May 22, 2014

PHOTOG DIARY #2: 5 Artist Groups

Three days before the photo shoot, I was so nervous because I faced different problems in which I thought would lead to its cancellation. Good thing the authorities made a firm decision to still push through with the photo shoot.

As the day of the photo shoot came, I had mixed emotions for it was my first time to actually hold such with big groups of people. All I ever thought of that time was how my dad would handle every worst case scenario as well as how he shoots big groups of people. He would always be calm, made sure that everyone's seen in the photo and the subjects being happy to be part of that group photo.

Lights... Camera... Pose! 

This is the first group that I had to deal with. Being the first batch, it meant that I have to experiment with lots of things such as the lighting, angles, and poses in order to get the best shot. They each had an individual shot because they need it for their upcoming production. When the first model came in front of me, I don't know, but my mind just suddenly switched itself to "off" that I couldn't think of any pose. Good thing my fellow photographers helped me and I was able to get through. 

Girls: Magtanggal na lang kaya kami ng heels? Para 'di sila matakpan?

Me: No need po. Keri na nila 'yan. Oh mga guys sa likod pag bilang ko ng three tingkayad na lang tayo nang todo ah!

All about FUN!

This artist group was two weeks ahead regarding the information of the photo shoot. At first I told them to treat this pictorial like a photo booth wherein anyone can be taken a photo of. I was so surprised that those who are newly-recruited are the ones who used the "photo booth" more than the rest. To be honest, I was really excited to work with this group because they make me feel comfortable; there's no pressure at all. They're all just about having fun and giving a good show.

Always on "Stealth Mode"...

We're usually at the backstage or the people who are Behind The Scenes. But now, we were given the chance to be taken a photo of and we never wasted any moment of it. I never thought that we would be this crazy having that we hardly ever get to be in front of the camera! :))

Them: Tara, gawa tayo ng "The Ultimate Wacky Shot!" (refer to the first photo of those who are wearing black shirts) 

Pitch Perfect!

Whenever I hear this artist group perform, I always remember the Pitch Perfect movie. They look professional on-stage and they always treat their every performance like it'll be their last performance ever. Shooting them was a bit awkward for me at first though because I'm not that close with them but good thing they are so nice that my awkwardness slowly wore off. 

Me: Magpose kayo nung parang sa choir. Ganito *poses*

Them: Ganyan po talaga?

Me: Bakit? Hindi niyo ba ginagawa 'yan?

Them: Hindi po eh...

Me: Ay ganun? Medyo pahiya ako dun ah. Ah basta gora na lang! :))

One Team!

I was about to have a problem on how will I be able to take a photo of this amount of people in a very small room. Good thing it was solved earlier that day and we were asked to transfer to the Dance Room just to have a bigger space. 

Taking group photos isn't that easy because in order to create something effective, one must be able to develop rapport with their subjects. As the shoot progresses, my confidence gradually arose. I began to realize that I was the one in-charge inside that room and that I have to keep myself together in order to create good photographs. So I then began to speak louder and give instructions more clearly to the subjects thus getting better results. 

Me: (to the Contemporary group) Contemporary pose po tayo ah!

Others: Paano yun? 

Girl: Sige, kahit ano na basta awkward, contemporary pose na agad 'yun! :))

Before every photo shoot especially whenever I am experiencing difficulties, I always ask myself, "Am I willing to do this for the rest of my life?" then as I just go through, my answer is always "Yes, I am willing to do this for the rest of my life because I love and enjoy what I do!" And in God's time, I hope that I'll be able to reach my dreams as a Professional Photographer in the future with my hard work and determination. :)

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