Sunday, June 29, 2014

Appreciating a Neo-Classical Edifice


A breathtaking infrastructure in Manila that caters the most astonishing artworks of different artists in the Philippines, from paintings to sculptures and pottery, to fossils and clothing; the National Museum of the Philippines became the home of Philippine history, and to see those artworks felt like being time-traveled way back in time. It is really fascinating how these artists were able to innovate such masterpieces given that they only had limited resources. The majesty of what they have created still astounds people even after hundreds or even thousands of years. Those works of art became a witness and evidence to lots of imperative events that helped shape the course of history, which we all know at this point in time.

With the advancement of technology, it is so easy to make an artwork in a shorter period of time compared to those artists before and the kind of art people do today is very different from what people did back then. They were able to enlighten, tranquilize, or even aid the start of a revolution. It's a mystery as to how life would be without those works of art being preserved. If those were not made, how will the flow of time be? Will it be the same or will it have a few modifications?

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